Humans: In short... We fall, we rise, we repeat.

But it is the moment between fall and rise where the magic happens. And it always happens in some way. How do I know? Because I am human. I am a human who also has a serious mental illness. I have eaten shit hard before.

It's like biking full-boar downhill on a long strip of road. My heart races and I am alive. I break away from the pack and take my hands off the handle bars. The wind fills my lungs as I tilt my head back and gently close my eyes. My beautiful, massive wings spread full-mast. Just as I feel I'm about to explode out into the universe my bike chain locks up. Face first. No time to react.

Don't worry. I wear a helmet.

Initially I lie there in shock. In a stunned pause. What. Just. Happened. Then there is the pain and disbelief. An assessment of the damages. Then there is an acceptance of my pain while I am actually experiencing it. Pause. Tears. Hard tears. Then? I start to laugh. I start to laugh hard.  To my surprise, the pack comes back. They ride up and I feel their love and concern. One of them asks me to take her hand. I rise to my feet as everyone cheers me on. I'm ok and that matters to someone outside myself. I had no idea until now. This needed to happen in order for me to realize that. I limp away with a new experience to pull from. A new story to tell. 

The World: In short. No matter what side of this you are on right now (and I know you know what "this" is) we are in a state of disarray. We have all fallen down. It's has gotten ugly. But eventually the phoenix will come. It's an awesome, gorgeous, unconditional, radiant, all-encompassing phoenix. It isn't here yet. A lot will burn away and it will be sad. A lot is burning away and It is sad. The world has gone black which will only make this fiery bird look even more mind boggling. 

I must rise. You must rise. We must rise.

We will rise.