I made two choices for 2018 aka two thousand eight clean...

No pot. No meat.

There isn't anything wrong with pot. I love pot. A lot. It does so much good. In fact, the first few weeks I wasn't smoking I noticed my depression/anxiety spike. I didn't realize how much it was actually helping me. What I did realize is I was doing it just to do it. All the time. I found myself doing the math for work so I could make sure I wasn't high when I got there. My biggest concern is how it has effected my memory. Sometimes I couldn't remember the simplest tasks even hours after I had smoked. I found I couldn't stop myself from doing it. I no longer had control. It had control. If anything in my life takes control I don't want a part of it. It wants a part of me. 

December 31st of 2017 was great. I shared a joint with the Queen and King of pot: Abby Dorsey and Jeff Berkley. A great way to go out on a top-shelf cloud of smoke. My hope is next year I will be able to do it when I want to do it. When I need to do it. Oh. And I will be smoking on January 1st of 2019 as a celebration. Most likely with the Queen. 

My walk-away from meat was inspired by my lovely girlfriend who has a strictly plant-based life. There is enough research out there to say meat isn't the best. Plus, cruelty. Yuck. I was going to go all the way vegan myself but then I knew cheese and eggs would be too drastic of a leap. Maybe someday. Fun fact: Broccoli has more protein than a steak. There are plenty of substitutions out there for meat and cheese (Gardein products being my fav sub). 

So. Why am I even writing about this? Because I struggle some days. Because the best thing for me is accountability. Now I'm accountable to anyone who reads this blog. I know I'll have to answer to those around me who I've shared with. More than that, I will have to answer to myself. 

SO if you see me with a joint in my right hand and a chicken sandwich in the left, say something. I may not remember you said it to me though.