Let's face it. "Failure" is inevitable because being a human is inevitable. I find I can get easily discouraged sometimes. One moment, I am sure and in trust. The next, my doubts appear like the morning dew. It's hard to predict which side of the scale I'm on which makes me wonder, is there a balance between the two?

Is there a purpose?

I'd like to think everything has to have a place and purpose. Obstacles, doubts, fears. They are the college professors in emotional academia. No one really learns the deep stuff in a state of homeostasis. It takes a level of evolution to keep a steady stride through an experience that doesn't feel good.

My doubts? That I won't be able to support myself as a full-time musician. That I won't get good tour dates. I won't be able to take my band on the road. 

I recently had the realization that I look at my failures in the area of music as few. And my first thought after having this realization? "I'm not doing enough."

As my old internship director once told me: "If you throw enough mud against the wall, some of it is bound to stick."

So with a twinkle of passion in my eye and a twist of fear turning my stomach, I bend down, stick my hands in the soppy dirt and let it fly.