Attachment and connection. There are some definite distinctions between them. The common ground? They both involve closeness. The difference? Attachment can end in suffering while connection can end in freedom. The closeness of attachment is a lot like sticking a piece of velcro to a bowling ball and putting it on the wall. It's bound to fall and when it does it is startling. The closeness of connection is like two magnets. It is naturally attractive. With little effort, a pull-apart is possible. Once away, the attraction subsides and new connections are made possible.

Attachment = "Bad" and Connection = "Good".

Detachment and disconnection There are some definite distinctions between them, too. The common ground? Both involve letting go of an outcome. The difference? Detachment can end in clarity while disconnection can end in an unknowing numb. Detachment let's go of people and things the way the pieces of a dandelion flower let go in the breeze. Left to be free floating. Connection let's go with force. Like unplugging a stubborn plug from the wall. Left with no energy source of power. 

Detachment = "Good" and Disconnection = "Bad"

Because everything is temporary, it is inevitable things will have to come apart. It's all about the space we create that softens or accentuates the split. 

I know what I want for myself. For some reason I'm in the attached world at this juncture. Because I'm not numbing, I feel empty. I'm not disconnecting and it's really making me aware of my attachments. I'm sitting here holding a bucket in one hand and a shovel in the other. Waiting for someone to fill it up.

In the wise words of my mother, "Stop trying to figure it out. We are wildflowers. All different. You are perfect the way you are." And I am. I am inviting connection and detachment actively. I know eventually they will come knocking on my door. And when they do, I'll realize there was never even a door between us in the first place.