I have a situation in front of me. Or actually nothing in front of me at all. Playing to another empty room. I can look at this two ways:

1. A. Being a musician sucks. B. You have to pour your heart, soul, mind, and money into something that doesn't seem like a safe bet. C. You work hard and for what? You've been doing this for years and still feel like you haven't made any traction. D. People are constantly telling you how to do it better and you just end up feeling overwhelmed. E. You give up.

2. A. Being a musician is awesome. B. You get to pour your heart, soul, mind, and investments into something that is risky. Something you actually believe in. And living outside the comfort zone in risk is when life really happens. C. You work hard and for what? For new connections to people you wouldn't have met otherwise. To that person in the room that comes up to you in tears after a show saying a song made them feel. Made them reconsider doing something stupid. You've been doing this for years while others are sitting behing the counter of a convenient store, in a factory, in a 40-hour/week job that doesn't feed them in any way. You are so fortunate. D. People are constantly trying to help along the way with suggestions because they believe in what you do. E. You give up your expectations and go for it.

My mom once said, "If you don't play you can't win." Before I cross the next intersection I'm going to look both ways and turn toward the choice that makes me feel good. Either way my situation is set. It's my mindset that can set me free. My circumstance might be an empty room, but my voice, my music, my passion will fill the entire space.