Let's write a script, shall we?


Pomania--An upbeat woman who gets lots done. She is happy a lot, talks fast, thinks fast, creates a lot, and seems to have endless energy. Sometimes she believes things that aren't necessarily real. Sometimes she's aware of it and sometimes she's not. 

Permania--A slightly confused woman who seems to look off into the distance sometimes. She believes a lot of things that aren't necessarily true. She gets paranoid that people are out to get her. However, there are times when she is on top of the world. She can do absolutely anything. 

--------------------------------Scene 1 (also the only scene)----------------------------------------------------

Pomania: Hi, Permania! Isn't it a beautiful day?! I feel so alive. It's like life makes so much sense, ya know? Everything seems to be different. I'm seeing life through a totally new lens. Everything is interconnected. I was driving today and saw a license plate that had the first three letters: "GDD." It was a message from God recognizing the divine in me.

Permania: Hy, Pomania. I do recognize the divine in you...I need to tell you something... I found the cure to Autism. We have to get to the tv station so everyone can know. We have to go soon. People are going to start to realize who I really am and want to kill me.

Pomania: Who you really are?

Permania: Yes. I am the trinity. This is the rapture. I am here to save the world.

Pomania: Are you ok?

Permania: Just trust me. This is the only way it can be. I have to sacrifice my own life so that the world can be set free.

Pomania: Permania, I think we need to check you into a hospital.

Permania: I know it sounds like I'm manic. I'm not. Bipolar isn't real. It's been an illusion all along. I am Jesus. I am God and the Holy Spirit. Do you believe in me?

Pomania: You are having a manic episode. Will you come to the hospital?

Permania: No! I know what you're doing! You're trying to send me to hell! Stop looking in my eyes!!!!!!! You are trying to take my soul!

Pomania: *slyly calls the cops.

-----------------------------------------------End Scene---------------------------------------------------

So. Now you know the difference between hypermania and hypomania. I am currently in hypomania but a few days ago I was closer to hypermania. Things I have done to take care of myself:

1. Called my psychiatrist who prescribed Ativan so I can sleep.

2. Called my psychologist to talk things through. We are going to set up an appointment this week.

3. Called my closest friend, who came and spent the day with me.

4. Took off work.

5. Drinking Tea and lots of water. Making sure I eat.

6. Writing a blog to get my feelings out.

I'm not quite out of the woods but I'm doing everything in my ability right now. I think some people may believe if one is manic and they get some sleep they should be fine the next day. That is not how mania works. It's like I'm on a sled on a beautiful winters day going down a hill. This one doesn't seem too steep. It's kind fun because I'm acting a lot like Pomania and not Permania. It's kind of scary because I'm not quite Veronica.