When I was 23 I set out west for my 6-month internship in San Diego. The vision was to do my internship and go back to Colorado to start my own private practice in Music Therapy. Here I am pushing 36 realizing I may have stayed a bit longer than anticipated.

For years I’ve been telling my family, “I’ll come home.” I never set a time until recently. A very specific time:

May. 4. 2020.

I know that isn’t how you write a date out but centering it, giving it its own line, and putting periods at the end really made it look dramatic. My vision is very much so the same as it is here in San Diego once I get home. I’ll just be doing all my vision-y things closer to my family.

The reason I chose May was two-fold:

Fold #1: I do not wanna be hauling my sh*t in the winter

Fold #2: May 4th of 2020 will be my 12-year anniversary of my first manic episode.

I’m all about new beginnings even though I don’t do change so gracefully. Looking back on these last 12 years in San Diego I’ve seen so many of my visions turn into my daily life activities. If I’m lucky enough to look back on another 12 years I know I’ll be happy Colorado became a focal point again.