Being a musician, results seem like the end all be all. Book the great gig. License the song and make money. Make the music video and get new followers. Write a hit and people are inspired. There is a fear the results will be based in scarcity. Not enough people showing up to shows, not making enough money to pay the band, not writing enough songs. 

Being someone living with Bipolar 1, results seem like the end all be all. Balanced. Ever balanced. Stay ever balanced. There is a fear the result will be based in devastation. Have another manic episode and risk my life, my job, my relationships. Go into a depression and stop going to work, stop making money, stop living. 

Being a human, results seem like the end all be all. I think there is a fear results will be there but they won't be the results we want.

The reality is, most things, if not everything, have a result. Even if that result is no type of result. It's what I do and how I interact with that result that creates my reality. That has me waking up each morning saying, "let's do this" vs. "meh." That helps me stand firm in the belief that anything is possible, which helps me live my life in color. 

Would drive fizzle if we weren't attached to results? If it doesn't matter what the outcome is then why do I care to seek what I desire? OR if we weren't attached to results would we have a drive to persevere without regard to past experiences. Throwing mud against the wall knowing that over time some of it will stick. Knowing that being an active participant in my life creates new possibilities. 

I'd be fibbing if I said I've mastered the art of freedom from expectation. It's a pretty good lie to tell myself though. Maybe by continuing to tell myself, "I am free of expectations and am not attached to results" the result will be just that. Freedom. But I'm not gonna get too attached to that idea.