I've decided to write an article on aging. I'm at my friend Allegra's house and she told me that she's gotten mistaken as the mother of her same-age friends more than once. This happened to me twice when I was with my girlfriend Lindsay. I am only six months older than she is. My saving grace: The foster kids I work with. All of them have thought I was much younger than I am. This is probably because I act like a goofball.

 I'll never forget a moment I had at the age of 24. I was in my first apartment in San Diego. I had a facial mask on. I washed it off and went about my night. When I looked in the mirror later that night I noticed some gray hairs. I felt like it was some rite of passage. I beamed with pride. 

And then I realized it was just some of the mask stuck in my hair.

And then I felt sheepish.

I'm pretty sure all the girls in my family dye their hair. A lot of women tend to do that. I thought my Grammie was a brunette until the day she died. Or should I say the day she dyed? I decided to take a harsh stance on not dyeing my hair. I remember when I saw my first WHITE (not gray) hair. I pulled it out immediately. One has turned into about 29 not that I've counted. I pull them out from time to time which makes since because I have trichotillomania. It works out in my favor. I enjoy trying to defy age.  

These are some of the "age" things I've noticed in the past 3 years:

1. I woke up one day and took a good look in the mirror. This is something I only try to do on rare occasion. And what did I discover? A gigantic sun spot right in the middle of my forehead that kind of looks like Tennessee. I have no idea how I didn't see it or how long it has been a resident of my forehead.

2. I was headbanging at a show and for the next two weeks I felt it.

3. I talk about property tax too much.

4. Random face whiskers, am I right, ladies?

5. I'm the oldest I've ever been. Fact.

When all is said and done, I turn to my Grandfather's take on aging:

"It beats the alternative."

Ok, stop wasting time reading random blogs. You aren't getting any younger.