I'm the person that does not like any type of conflict. So much so that when I watched the movie Mean Girls I had to walk away several times when things were in disarray. The friction circulated around high school drama. I'm a sucker for the resolve. I attribute this to the fact that I am a highly sensitive person. I have  yet to meet anyone else who can't watch pretty much anything at all without leaving the room to collect and settle thoughts and feelings. I asked my friends if they would ever watch a movie that was just good all the way through to which they said, "What is the point?"

Then I had a great idea (at least I think it is a good idea). A news station that only reports good news. Because it is out there. The media hides it. I know I forget there is a lot of good happening in the world. In a time where when our country seems to be more divided than ever, we need to see the good in our country. In ourselves. In one another. 

So. Veronica May, reporting live from Influx Coffee House in the sweet neighborhood of North Park in San Diego, CA:

1. Congress in Unanimous Vote Passes Bill of Rights for Sexual Assault Victims                                 2. 7 major cities in the US have a double digit drop in burglary rates                                                   3.87K acres were donated for a new national park in New England                                                     4. California breaks the solar record and generates enough electricity for 6 million homes               5. Generosity hit a record high for the second year in a row, with charitable donations by Americans topping $373.25 billion.

The list goes on a long way. So let's take a moment away from the news we see and find the good. Because it is everywhere.

Ok. You can go watch Mean Girls now. I know you want to.